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"Condoms don’t work."

"Your first time is supposed to hurt."

"It’s not really sex if there’s no penetration."

"Girls don’t masturbate."


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Woolcub - Black Sheep Pokemon - Fairy type

Howoolf - Big Wolf Pokemon - Fairy/Dark type

A fake sheep Pokemon and its evolution, using ” A wolf in sheep’s clothing” as a theme…

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Loki Week: Day One - Costumes

Loki’s Prison Clothes;

"While Loki is in captivity, he wears something very similar to his ‘walkabout’/casual look from the first Thor film. The original direction from Alan Taylor was that his prison look could be what he was wearing underneath his Avengers costume. Unfortunately, as I began exploring that, we found it to be too complex and cumbersome. So I used that idea as a starting point and simplified it, creating sleek and elegant lines that mirrored the idea that everything had been stripped away from Loki. He is barefoot and completely powerless. I also kept some of the motifs we used in the previous films, including the interlocking wraps of leather and cloth that can be seen on his arms and legs.” -Charlie Wen, concept artist

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Oh V, tell me more~


Want me to tell you a Lovely Story, My dear~?

*Dangerous Cackling*

Couldn’t just be the good guy and just give me the poor princess that was a Stereotype. Give her a better home

Hahahaha Ooooooh No. You had to LIGHTEN her instead.


Let’s just say I found the best Godot cosplay hands down.

Cosplay by KaZzu

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Oh? What’s This? Queen V might be Back?

..Looks like I need to drag my ass back into the mess of princesses.

Round Two.

What is also fascinating about this film is that the villainess (Gothel) masks her villainy in the guise of love. She does not have the wealth of Cruella De Ville, nor the magic of Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent. She is only equipped with an arsenal of emotional manipulation and self-esteem grenades, designed to keep Rapunzel afraid of the world and herself. As such, she is an amazing archetype for the devouring mother that many women must (to greater or lesser degrees) face in order to get free, and fully come into their own. [x]

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Umi Ryuuzaki by Lie-chee




we live in a world where the pizza arrives faster than the police

Well the pizza driver faces consequences when their job isn’t done right.


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Sleeping Beauty - Festival of Fantasy Parade Opening Day 3-9-14

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Space Dandy Opening

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Sonic Boom Dr. Eggman concept art is finally released and boy, is the man a handsome devil.


Sonic Boom Dr. Eggman concept art is finally released and boy, is the man a handsome devil.

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